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Laser markers from the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit have firmly established themselves in the industry and are among the preferred systems for flexible, fast and superior product and material marking. Worldwide, there are today more than 10,000 of our systems in use. And that number increases by thousands each year. They can be found in virtually all branches of industry, meeting every requirement and marking the widest variety of content on countless materials. Regardless of your requirements, thanks to our broad product range we are able to select the optimum laser marker for your application, at the same time offering you a solution which more than pays its way. Our systems work economically, as they require low maintenance and no consumables, and are flexible on account of their versatile use and simple integration.

Some of the products and materials to which our laser marking systems are applied are:

  • packaging of all kinds – including packaging for beverages, foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, such as bottles, cans, labels, tubes, barrels, boards, slotted cases, blisters etc.;
  • manufacturers’, type and inventory plates;
  • I.D. cards, smart cards, credit cards, chip cards etc.;
  • electronic components such as ICs, (SMD-) condensers, resistors, plugs, switches, printed circuit boards, sensors;
  • individual keys, complete keyboards and operating consoles – including for PCs, laptops and cell phones;
  • plastic, metal and glass containers;
  • tools and fittings;
  • cables, tubing and pipes;
  • medical products such as surgical instruments, catheters, endoscopes, implants etc.;
  • wood for flooring, furniture, buildings, tools, packaging and promotional gifts;
  • and much more besides.

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