Laser Marking and Engraving in the Automotive
and Automotive Supplies Industries

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Automotive Applications

To learn more about the product identification and tracing capabilities of ALLTEC's laser markers for the automotive industries, download our application leaflet here

ALLTEC laser markers and laser engravers mark a multitude of different automobile parts and materials. There is virtually no product or type-plate material which is not suitable for marking with lasers. Apart from ball bearings, fuel injectors and crankshafts, our laser marking systems also mark various housings, rubber seals, oil-level sensing elements, as well as sensors, day and night design elements and labels fully automatically with permanent and high-quality markings.

Our systems are particularly important in connection with manufacturers’ and consumer codes for product identification marked directly in the production line for purposes of sustained logistics control. And not least, all of our markings must be easily readable to the eye and for automatic readers, remain durable and be resistant to abrasion, temperature, light and lubricants.

Plastic parts



Day/ night design

Type plates

Extruded parts


Metal parts


The Laser Marking Solution: ALLTEC Laser Systems

Alltec‘s lasers for marking, coding and engraving convince in many product identification fields of the automotive and automobile supplies industries. Not only do they mark all possible information and required data on products and substrates; they also apply all codes in the shortest of time and in uncompromising quality. At the same time, Alltec laser markers convince - thanks to their reliability and low

maintenance - with an efficiency that pays off.