Other applications

  • Day and night markings, including for PC and laptop keyboards, cell phones and radio masks, as well as individual buttons and control panels;
  • information/identification plates and cards such as manufacturers’, type and inventory plates made from (anodized) aluminium, steel, brass and plastic;
  • animal tags, for example for cattle and pigs;
  • wooden products of all kinds made from maple, beech, oak, cork inter alia, including for furniture, floor coverings, door and window frames, tools, gift articles, wine crates;
  • jewelry;
  • exotic products such as cosmetic powders and food, including chocolate, marzipan, bread, ham, cheese and eggs;
  • and much more besides.

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Day & night design

ID cards/ type plates

exotic products

Wooden products


Ear tags

Machine + Tool Parts

Our solid-state lasers ALLPRINT DN50A and LN100A mark ...


ALLTEC laser marking systems ...

Cards & Security

Information plates and ID cards, smart cards, credit and chip cards ...