Countless materials. Undreamt of possibilities.
Thanks to the laser marking substrate solutions by Alltec


Thermoplastics, Duroplastics, Elastomers and much more besides.

  • Thermoplastics (PC, ABS, PVC, PA, PET, PP, PE, PTFE, HDPE, ASA, PMMA, PBT, LDPE, POM, etc.)
  • Duroplastics (artificial resins such as epoxies, polyester PSE, Bakelite, polyurethane resins)
  • Elastomers (rubber compounds, silicon, etc.)
  • and much more besides

Heater outlet - Nd:YAG laser marker

PVC ID card, (grey - Nd:YAG and orange - CO2 laser marker)

2D code on temperature sensor - CO2 laser marker

automotive plastic parts - CO2 and Nd:YAG laser marker

Electronics housing/ bulb socket - Nd:YAG laser marker

Pharma blister - CO2 laser marker

Electronic parts (epoxy resin) - Fiber laser marker

Semiconductor housing - CO2 laser marker

Day & Night Design - Nd:YAG laser marker

Extrusion/ rubber parts - CO2 laser marker

Animal ear tags - Nd:YAG laser marker

PET bottle - CO2 laser marker