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The appropriate laser for marking any given product must be carefully selected. After all, not every type of laser will mark every material. Specific marking and material tests are necessary in order to establish the most effective system. Our application experts from the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit are precisely the right people for doing this.

  • They carry out detailed sample markings on the materials which must be marked by our clients.
  • They make definitive statements on the appropriate laser type.
  • They make recommendations in respect of the specifications of the laser to be used.

In this way, in collaboration with our sales engineers and clients, they establish which laser solution is the most efficient one for the respective application and the material to be marked.

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Do you have a raw or finished material which you must mark – or wish to mark – and are considering laser marking as the likely candidate or at least as a possibility? Then we would be delighted to help you. Provide us with details of your application and we will contact you without delay.

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