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IP65 option launched for ALLTEC LC300 laser marking system

ALLTEC LC300, the 30 Watt CO2 Laser Marking System is now available in a dirt-tight and washdown rated version. Customers can apply the LC300 IP65 to harsh industrial applications and enjoy the benefits of crisp, high speed coding, more code content including complex graphics, and simple integration.

As the name of the new option already indicates, ALLTEC LC300 is now available in sealing standard IP65. It comes complete with a sealed outer enclosure and a hose kit to circulate dry, cool air to the laser marking unit and controller cabinets.The sealing standard IP65 certifies that the system is totally protected against dust and low pressure jets of water from all directions. During washdown the lens can be protected with an included protective cap. There is also a new version of the Handheld controller with a watertight connector for use with the IP65 laser system. With this, we deliver a complete washdown system for extreme environments from wet to dusty. In a word: the whole system is capable of installation in harshest environments like in the beverage and food industries or dairies.

The optional IP65 version of ALLTEC LC300 is predestined for applications in the beverage/ food industries such as in dairies and filling and bottling companies. Wherever harshest environments occur (with dust or water jets), the system that comes in stainless steel works reliable and most efficient. This is also true for production environments that need to be capable for sterile packaging and coding (e.g. of drugs and supplies in the pharmaceutical and medical industries).