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Innovative solutions for laser marking in the electronics industries at booth B5.422

Selmsdorf, October 2007 – The ALLTEC Laser Business Unit, international market and technology leader in the development and manufacture of laser marking solutions, and the ALLTEC GmbH, international sales channel for the Laser Business Unit’s products, present themselves and their products for marking and coding with lasers at the most important technology and industry trade show for the electronics industry, the Productronica 2007 show in Munich.

From Nov 13th to 16th, ALLTEC shows the whole spectrum of it’s systems and solutions for laser marking and coding that are predestined for applications in the electronics and semiconductor industries: the new CO2 laser marking systems of the LC family, the just launched fiber laser marker for coding mini and micro marks, the proven Nd:YAG solid state laser markers of the ALLPRINT family and also a worldwide unique software for the calibration of ALLTEC’s laser markers. This product novelty was just chosen as one of the innovations of this years LASER trade show.

The ALLTEC Laser Business Unit’s products that are introduced to the market via a global sales network have firmly established themselves in the industry and are among the preferred systems for flexible, fast and superior product and material marking. Worldwide, there are today more than 10,000 systems in use. And that number increases by thousands each year. They can be found in virtually all branches of industry, meeting every requirement and marking the widest variety of content on countless materials.

The product novelty within the solid state laser marker field is ALLTEC LF050 , T HE fiber laser marker for the electronics industry. The 5 W continuous wave fiber laser marker has been primarily designed to mark molded housings of discrete and integrated components as well as circuit boards, precisely, with high quality and in the shortest of time. With the LF050 line widths well below 30 µm can be achieved, enabeling character heights of 150 µm and less. Furthermore, ALLTEC shows the proven 50 Watt Nd:YAG laser marker ALLPRINT DN50A.
The 10 and 30 Watt laser marking systems shown and actively demonstrated at the booth also belong to a new full line of best-in-class, state-of-the-art laser marking systems from ALLTEC. They convince with best-in-class marking speeds, the capability of easy, flexible and fast integration into production lines and the possibility to mark more information at highest speeds in unrivalled coding quality.
The new software for the calibration of ALLTEC laser markers is worldwide unique and enhances the position accuracy during product marking many times over. With this, ALLTEC offers a system that completely registers and in the end corrects all errors that might lead to position inaccuracies during laser marking. Thus, the company introduces the first calibratable laser marking systems worldwide and – along with this – a solution that not only simplifies and accelerates the customer‘s marking process but also reduces costs while providing high accuracy. This innovative high accuracy marking field correction tool is ideal for many applications in the electronics and semiconductor industries but also in industries such as packaging or auto¬motive. As components, products and parts that have to be laser marked become smaller and smaller – e.g. ICs, PCBs, semiconductor parts etc. –, companies have an ever growing demand for absolute position accuracy of the laser mark. Here ALLTEC’s laser calibration tool provides the ideal and worldwide unique solution of its kind. The product was chosen by the trade show committee of this years LASER show as one of the innovations.

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