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New and market wide unique tool for Laser Marker Calibration

The ALLTEC Laser Business Unit’s newly developed laser calibration tool for laser marking systems enhances the position accuracy during product marking many times over. With this, the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit offers a system that completely registers and in the end corrects all errors that might lead to position inaccuracies during laser marking. Thus, the company introduces the first calibratable laser marking systems worldwide and – along with this – a solution that not only simplifies and accelerates the customer‘s marking process but also reduces costs while providing high accuracy.

The new high accuracy marking field correction tool is ideal for many applications in the electronics and semiconductor industries but also in industries such as packaging or automotive. As components, products and parts that have to be laser marked become smaller and smaller – e.g. ICs, PCBs, semiconductor parts etc. –, companies have an ever growing demand for absolute position accuracy of the laser mark. Here ALLTEC’s laser calibration tool provides the ideal solution: whether marks have to be placed with high precision on large marking fields (e.g. in Electr(on)ics for marking ICs or big displays, front panels, etc.); or whether marks have to be placed with high precision on small marking fields (e.g. for marking lead-less packages in Electr(on)ics and the semiconductor industry, etc.) or whether curved surfaces and planes have to be marked (e.g. distortions that usually appear when marking on curved surfaces like on tools, packages, tubes, etc. will be eliminated).

Regardless whether the one or the other application applies: when marking with ALLTEC’s laser calibration tool always the same advantages convince:

  • The marking job adjustment and consequently the installation and operation of the system are extremely simplified what also leads to less scrap and mis-marked products and last but not least to more economic efficiency.
  • The Laser marking system is much easier and faster to install, hence customer’s working hour costs will be reduced and an increase in production can be achieved.
  • For the first time, laser marking systems can be calibrated and customer’s can be sure that what is programmed will be marked at the very position it should be marked. Thus, the new tool may also be used for checking the marking accuracy at regular intervals what is especially effective for certified companies and customers who have to change products and assure position accuracy afterwards. ALLTEC offers this laser calibration as a special service.

In a word: customers save time and money using ALLTEC’s laser calibration tool as marks are highly accurate, mis-markings are dramatically reduced, operator’s have to spend less time at the system and the programmed position of the mark matches the actual position on the product.

A striking example: Using a standard laser marking system (254 mm lens, marking field (215x300) mm2), position variances of up to 1 mm may occur. Using the same system with ALLTEC’s new laser calibration tool, an absolute position accuracy up to 10 µm will be obtained. The programmed position of the mark matches the actual position on the product. “ That unrivalled position accuracy is exactly what worldwide customers have long waited for” says Ulrich Ofer, International Sales Director at ALLTEC. “ Finally our effective new high accuracy marking field correction tool answers this – up to now – unsatisfied demand.

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