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New and relaunched website, the website of the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit has been completely redesigned and restructured. The company is among the international market and technology leaders in the field of development and manufacture of lasers for product marking and coding. This success at the same time also defines the company’s exacting own claim – ALLTEC. Experts in Laser Marking – and the way it addresses its clients: ALLTEC. Make your Mark. In order to remain true at all times to both of these statements in terms of the company’s internal and external image, the internet presentation of the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit has been completely redesigned and restructured.

In order to achieve this, the existing corporate design of the company was in the first stage renewed in terms of color, image language, logo and claim. This was followed in the second and third stages by a user-friendly redesign of the internet presentation and the implementation and programming of the website using a contemporary and dynamic content-management and editorial system. “With the new internet presentation we present ourselves more closely as a specialist and technology leader in the field of laser marking”, explains Dana Kitzmann, Manager Marketing Communications at the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit. „The simple and fast menu structure makes it easier for potential and existing customers to search for the right laser marking solution for their specific application and material. Just a few clicks are enough to find the suitable laser marker.“ During the realization of this process ALLTEC has enjoyed the professional support of the full-service and planning agency boy | planning from Kiel in Germany.

The highest priority in the revamp of the general corporate design and the website was given to the contemporary and accurate communication of company philosophy in terms of a design in which clients and personnel would recognize the company in every context. And the dynamic and flexible mode of the navigation structure and of the operation of the new editorial system on which the internet presentation is based was just as important as the current and multi-lingual nature of the new site, which features an unambiguous and clearly arranged navigational structure. Services that allow users to directly and easily contact the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit as well as a press and media portal for editors round off the portfolio.

Additional new services are on the way. For example, the currently in German and English available new site will be translated into even more languages; there will be a platform especially for clients and one specifically for members of staff; a newsletter which will always be full of the latest information is also being set up as well as many special offers for personnel, clients, suppliers and partners are in the pipeline.

For further information please contact:
Dana Kitzmann • Manager Marketing Communications
ALLTEC GmbH • ALLTEC Laser Business Unit
An der Trave 27 - 31 • 23923 Selmsdorf (Deutschland)
Phone: 0049.(0)38823.55-240 | Fax: 0049.(0)38823.55-222
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