Every little counts: A small laser marker
for unmatched versatility and maximum uptime

ALLTEC LF100 and LF200 are compact, versatile and highly reliable for applications such as demanding parts marking and unique identification coding on a variety of metal, plastic and other hard-to-mark materials in the electronics, tools & metal and automotive/ automobile supplies industries. Both systems quickly apply complex variable data (ID matrix/ bar codes, logos, characters, [serial] numbers, individual data, etc.) on moving and static products. Additional advantages include further ease of integration due to the system‘s dovetail joint mounting interface and a multilingual user interface.

Whether through engraving, color change, material removal or annealing – ALLTEC‘s pulsed fiber laser markers deliver high resolution and brilliant marking quality.

Key Features of ALLTEC LF100/ 200

Small Size. Simple Integration: The compact design with the market-wide smallest scan head and the flexible and proven software and hardware platforms ensure best integration into end customer production lines and OEM machines: ALLTEC LF100 & LF200 come with two marking heads and two beam turning units no one else offers.
Broadest Applications Range: Nearly everything is marked at uncomprising quality, due to the series’ many features incl. powerful software supports, superior digital high-speed scanners, two marking heads and two beam orientations. The two heads and their respective focusing modules enable marking fields from small to a half meter in length.
Lowest Maintenance. Highest Uptime: The reduced setup time; an air-cooled, highly efficient, maintenance-free laser source and the possibility of PC independent operation maximize uptime and reduce costs.

Possible applications:

Anodized Snap Hook

Stainless Steel Ruler

Steel Plate

Electronic Housing

Terminal Strip

Automobile Switches

Respirator Box

Metal Profiles


Contact Lens Bag

Nickel Tube

Fuel Supply Tubes



LF100/ LF200

Laser Type

Ytterbium (Yb) pulsed fiber laser, stroke marker/ vector scanner


LF100: 10 Watt; LF200: 20 Watt

Main Areas of Use

direct parts marking, unique identification coding in the electronics, automotive and tools & metal industries


made of plastic, metal and other hard-to-mark materials such as epoxy resins, silicon, rubber, ceramics, etc.; e.g. engine parts, gears, metal plates/ parts, tubes, profiles, electronic components and parts such as housings, trays, ICs, etc, keyboards, keys, switches, buttons, instruments, implantable devices, etc.