Experts in laser marking.

For more than 20 years

It all began in 1985, almost in the same manner as in the world-famous Silicon Valley founding stories. Although the first lasers for marking and coding were not developed in a garage, but in the attic and cellar of a detached house in northern Germany. With only four highly dedicated employees, the team quickly grew, and with it the company. Within a few years, ALLTEC developed into one of the world’s market and technology leaders in the field of marking, coding and engraving using lasers. Although our initial success was based on the development and worldwide sale of TEA CO2 mask lasers, over the years ALLTEC become an acknowledged expert in all technological sectors of laser marking. Today, the company employs more than one hundred people and is the market leader across the whole portfolio of this highly developed marking process.

As a consequence, ALLTEC offers the optimum solution in all areas – from mask through to vector marking, from gas through to solid-state lasers, from standardized through to customized applications for smooth integration into the production lines of our clients across the globe.

As the Laser Business Unit, ALLTEC has since 2004 been part of the Product Identification Platform of Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR). Within this framework, the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit is the development and technology center for the laser marking division, whose products are brought to the market via a global sales network operating from international locations with the support of powerful partners. Since the end of 2006, ALLTEC Laser Technology, a company producing low power CO2 lasers, is part of the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit.

In terms of technology, the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit features one of the most comprehensive laser marking ranges worldwide: from TEA CO2 mask markers through to CO2, lamp- and diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser stroke markers and on to combined mask/stroke systems. ALLTEC therefore offers the optimum laser solution for virtually any marking requirement.

This success is based not only on the efforts and skills of our highly experienced employees, but also the trust which our clients continue to place in us also makes a major contribution to our success. Such trust and confidence motivate and provide the daily impetus for the development of new and innovative solutions.

Making a mark. Since 1985 until today and, more importantly, in the future, ALLTEC and its partners are your partners. Experts in laser marking.