Many reasons. Just one solution.
With laser markers from the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit

Why do companies mark with laser marking systems? The reasons for this depend on the respective application and are as varied as the benefits which the process brings. Marking is permanent and counterfeit-proof, fast and non-contact, clean and dry , and, not least, of the highest quality. And all of this without the necessity of additional consumables such as ink or solvents, and without frequent maintenance of the systems. And also there are virtually no restrictions even in terms of marking content – such as manufacturing and use-by dates, batch and serial numbers, graphics, images and logos through to 2D matrix codes and barcodes, not to mention specially customized content. In contrast to other marking processes, our systems are therefore more flexible and more economical because they minimize running costs. They are also more reliable because they involve lower downtime and the highest degree of marking quality.

Apart from these benefits, other features are increasingly emerging into the foreground, which is why companies rely on our laser markers. These companies either must or want to mark their products. To comply with statutory regulations, or because various data must be attached for purposes of traceability , or for reasons of trademark protection and security. Or perhaps measures for sales promotion, targeted marketing or advertising promotions are a deciding factor.

It is often not for a single reason or a single benefit featured by our modern marking process that companies adopt laser marking. On the contrary, motives frequently overlap, depending on the particular application or requirements. But the solution is always one and the same: marking with our systems. Make your Mark!